When you’re looking to have some fun and play some casino games, you may be wondering what’s happening at Horseshoe Casino. The two-story casino, which is the second-largest in Maryland, boasts over 122,000 square feet of gaming space. The multi-million dollar facility includes table games, video lottery terminals, and a World Series of Poker room. While there are no live dealer games at Horseshoe Casino, it does have a full poker room for those who want to play the game.

When Benny Binion first decided to put up his money display, he was having trouble getting patrons in. But after he was caught for tax evasion, he decided to put it back up. The money had been purchased by Parry Thomas, the owner of a bank in Las Vegas. Parry Thomas eventually found enough $10,000 bills to sell the money display for $13 million. Several years later, a famous comedian named Chuck Brooks visited the Horseshoe and saw the old money display, only to discover that it was no longer there. The money cage was empty, but an older employee tended to the collection.

Before opening as a new name, the Horseshoe Casino was known as the Empress Casino. The casino opened in 1996, when it was rebranded from its previous name, the Empress Casino in Joliet. Binion later sold the company to Harrah’s Entertainment, which oversaw the construction of a new boat. Since then, the casino has expanded its business to other states, including Indiana, Illinois, and California.

When you visit Horseshoe Casino, you should check out its poker room and slot machines. The casino has the best odds and maximum table limits in town and a World Series of Poker room, if you’re a poker enthusiast. The casino also has 370 multi-denominational slot machines. In addition to poker tables, there are plenty of restaurants and other entertainment options. If you’re looking for a great time, check out the hotel and meet your friends and family in a luxury casino.

The Horseshoe Casino is located in Baltimore, Maryland and is the second-largest casino in the state. The multi-million dollar venue boasts an indoor and outdoor gaming area with a wide selection of table games and video lottery terminals. The casino’s award-winning Gordon Ramsay steakhouse is also on site. And while there are a number of dining and entertainment venues throughout the casino, there are also three popular restaurants and a large selection of drinks.

The casino’s “The Venue” entertainment and event space is home to the largest poker room in the Midwest. With 34 poker tables of all limits, the poker room at the Horseshoe Casino is among the biggest in the country. Benny Binion, the owner of the original Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas, was one of the first to raise table limits. The minimum bet on craps at the Horseshoe was $500 and the maximum bet on a roulette table was ten thousand dollars.