Las Vegas and Monte Carlo casinos are not simply places where gamblers come together – they should also be on every traveler’s bucket list as destinations worth exploring.

Casino Lisboa in Lisbon offers more than just table gaming – it is also an entertainment hub! From musical performances to hilarious comedy shows, something exciting is always happening here.

Las Vegas

From gondola rides at the Venetian to the world’s largest Ferris Wheel on The Linq, Sin City offers plenty of attractions. Play a round at one of its casinos or catch one of its world-class shows before dining at one of Vegas’ Michelin-star eateries – there is truly something for everyone here.

The Strip is the epicenter of Sin City, offering casinos, hotels and shows for every taste and budget. New attractions include a competitive video game arena, virtual reality experience and the Neon Museum which brings old signs back to life with projectors and Rat Pack music.

Off the Strip, visitors can hike Red Rock Canyon and camp at Valley of Fire State Park. Las Vegas also boasts world-class restaurants, a vibrant bar scene, and a buzzing nightlife that make this entertainment capital of America unmissable.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of Monaco’s four quartiers (quarters). Situated at the base of the Maritime Alps and along the Riviera, its most iconic landmark is its namesake Place du Casino; an international byword for extravagant display and reckless dispersal of wealth.

After their Paris tour falls short of expectations, Grace, Meg and Emma accept a private jet ride to Monte Carlo where Grace is mistaken for Cordelia – prompting further cheesey plot twists!

Selena Gomez’s captivating performance on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place won me over, so when Selena returned for this two-hour plot that runs along a similar vein I expected something remarkable but unfortunately wasn’t.


Macau had long been considered an obscure outpost of Portugal, noted for its stunning colonial architecture (which features on UNESCO World Heritage list). But since China took control in 1999, its future looks even brighter.

Today, Macau’s sprawling casinos draw tourists from around the globe. High-speed hydrofoils and traditional river ferries link Hong Kong and Shenzhen with its peninsula and islands where most hotels, restaurants, and gambling establishments are located.

Macau lies just inside of the tropical belt, so its climate remains hot and humid throughout much of the year with rainy seasons occurring both summer and winter. November through March marks peak travel season when average temperatures average 84 degF (30 degC), making it the ideal time for tourists to visit this city.


Australian images often evoke images such as the Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef; but Australia offers much more – including some of the finest casinos for gambling enthusiasts seeking an exciting escape.

Central City buildings present an array of architectural styles, from high-rise office blocks to the elegant Romanesque-style Queen Victoria Building (QVB). Sydney Town Hall (1869) stands as another prominent landmark, while St Mary’s Cathedral provides a reminder of Australia’s spiritual past.

Quaint villages, towering rock formations and ancient forests lie less than two hours from Sydney city, while cultural experiences abound such as classical and contemporary art galleries as well as Aboriginal artefacts. Sydneysiders are friendly people that want you to have the best time possible.


Singapore is an amazing modern Asian metropolis that perfectly blends green space and skyscrapers, while still celebrating its culture and heritage through renowned museums.

At the ArtScience Museum, visitors will discover 21 gallery spaces that cover topics ranging from urban landscapes and futuristic technologies to interactive art installations such as Crystal Universe designed by teamLAB that transport visitors into another dimension.

Singapore may not boast as many casinos as Las Vegas or Macau, but you can still take pleasure in an exciting casino cruise through its impressive marina. Please be aware that both ships operate under strict dress code requirements and will turn away anyone wearing flip flops or certain face coverings.

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