Running a successful bingo night is not an easy feat, but it can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. Going into the planning phase with the right mindset will make all the difference.

Start by making a list of what you will need for the event. This includes supplies like bingo cards and markers, equipment like speakers and microphones, decorations like banners and signs, etc. Once you have your list ready, purchase or rent these things so you are fully prepared.

Organizing a Bingo Night

Organising a successful bingo night involves many decisions. Not least choosing the charity to benefit from proceeds. But getting this right can make all the difference in terms of its success and appeal to donors.

Prepare for your event by setting an ambitious donation goal in mind. This way, when you know how much money needs to be raised prior to hosting it, you’ll have no problem covering expenses or making a profit.

Additionally, having an idea of how much money you want to raise gives you freedom when it comes time to pick out a date and time that works best for your audience. Make sure whatever venue you choose has enough space (with access to electricity) for guests attending your fundraiser.

Choosing a Theme

Before diving into any other steps of planning your fundraiser event for bingo night, pick out a theme that reflects either your organization directly or something more general such as music. Your theme should reflect both the interests of your audience as well as match up well with the venue and prizes if possible.

Although several themes could work wonderfully with various charities’ goals – some might hit home better than others depending on who is involved!

In addition to playing games during your event night, offer raffle ticket sales as an extra revenue stream. However before selling raffle tickets in your state (if applicable), research its laws concerning raffles so that don’t run afoul of them. Serving ball-shaped snacks or pizza will keep your guests full and content during their experience as well.

Choosing a Venue

Picking an easily accessible venue for your bingo night is crucial. Guests should have no problem finding parking and entering the building, and once inside – there needs to be ample lighting and tables for players to place their markers.

Have a variety of tables dedicated to refreshments such as coffee and snacks so everyone stays engaged throughout the entire event!

Having a good bingo caller is another important decision that can make or break your event. Find someone who can read numbers clearly, but also has some personality or fun in their voice. They should be able to speak loudly (and clearly) to the crowd, keeping them interested and entertained during every call!

And if you have some extra money in your budget…choose prizes that reflect the purpose of the fundraiser and are meaningful to your target audience. Customized items like engraved mugs or T-shirts make great giveaways; local businesses might even contribute prizes!

Choosing a Caller

When it comes time to choose a caller for your bingo night fundraiser event, remember that this person will play an instrumental role in announcing winners and awarding prizes. Pick someone outgoing who can keep the crowd interested; they don’t need any special qualifications other than being loud enough for everyone in attendance hear them speak.

Finally, ensure that you are following all gambling laws with this type of fundraiser event. Depending on where you live, applications may need to be submitted well ahead of time – so double check all documentation before moving forward.

Create an online ticketing system in advance using Donorbox Events (or something similar). This platform makes selling tickets super easy, while offering multiple tiers at different tax-deductible amounts for donors of any age or capacity.

Organizing Volunteers

An exciting night of Bingo is a surefire way to encourage a community to give. Although there are many ways to make money off your event, it must be balanced with keeping people engaged and happy so they come back for more.

Putting volunteers in charge of tasks can save you from the costs associated with hiring employees. You’d be surprised how many great helpers live right in your own town!

When it comes to spreading the word about the event, be sure to use every channel possible. A compelling message must tug at supporters’ heartstrings enough that they feel obliged to give.

Lastly, no one wants an accident or bad press surrounding their fundraising efforts. Be sure to keep everyone safe by completing a thorough risk analysis and following all regulations and guidelines set forth by your city or state.

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