No matter whether you are an experienced or new player at casinos, following proper etiquette is key. Not only does it show respect to fellow casino attendees and dealers, but also ensures a great time is had by all involved.

Cocktapping on your phone during games is frustrating for other players and dealers, and can slow the game considerably.


No matter whether gambling online or at a real casino, certain rules of etiquette must be observed. Some are unspoken but must nonetheless be remembered when conducting business; examples include refraining from excessive cell phone use and respecting personal space. Also be sure to tip dealers 5% of any winnings made and dress appropriately.

While it may be tempting to break these rules, doing so can make other players uncomfortable and can put you on an unfair playing footing. Knowing and following these guidelines are especially crucial if you are new to gaming; even experienced gamers should utilize them so as not to accidentally cause irritation among fellow gamers; small actions like looking at mobile phones could cause others to become disengaged from the game and become frustrated.


Slurring and cursing may make you feel great in the moment, but other casino patrons or staff will likely not appreciate your actions. Excessive drinking may impair your judgment and reduce how well you play the game – in addition to which being too drunk could see you asked to leave the gambling floor altogether.

Chit-chatting on your mobile phone while playing table games is another major no-no. It disrupts other players and could even lead to cheating allegations, so it is wiser to turn your phone off or at least mute its volume. Furthermore, respect personal space by not leaning over other tables; this allows other gamblers to enjoy themselves comfortably. It’s also wiser to understand each game’s rules thoroughly and handle chips and cards carefully.

Games offered

Casinos can be exciting and thrilling places to visit, but it’s important to abide by certain rules to keep everyone happy and safe. When playing poker or blackjack, remember to respect other players and adhere to game rules – otherwise security could kick you out!

Touching casino staff members such as cocktail servers, security, or wait staff should also be avoided to avoid upsetting other gamblers as well as making them feel uncomfortable. Never ask other casino players for advice as this can slow the pace of play down significantly.

Dress code

Dress codes at casinos vary considerably. In general, casual attire is permitted during the day but more formal clothing should be worn in the evening – for instance ripped jeans and sneakers may not be acceptable attire in most casinos; smart casual clothing provides the ideal balance of comfort with style.

Men can wear dark pants and a dress shirt or polo shirt with shoes for casual attire, while women may opt for skirts and blouses, or summer dresses as appropriate attire. Casual is the least formal level; however it should still avoid anything too casual or provocative that might offend. Many casinos employ security staff who monitor compliance with dress codes – those not complying may be turned away.

Rules of conduct

Proper casino etiquette is essential, whether gambling at a land-based or online casino. By adhering to these rules of conduct, you’ll ensure a pleasant gaming experience for everyone involved – this also means being respectful towards dealers and fellow casino-goers even if you lose money!

As a newcomer to casinos can be daunting for any visitor, following these do’s and don’ts will help ensure you feel more at ease during your first visit. Doing this will prevent embarrassing yourself or making other casino-goers uncomfortable. Furthermore, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with each game you plan to play; not just as an act of etiquette but simply common sense! In particular, be wary of offering unsolicited advice or opinions to other players as this would be considered rude behavior; additionally it would be wise if your mobile phone were switched off or put into silent mode while playing table games!

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