Whether you’re looking to win big or just try your luck at a bingo game, the Knights of Columbus hall in Port Neches is the place to go. Games start at 6:30 p.m., with a pot of around $2,500 on the line at one point. The Knights of Columbus hall is located behind the school on Jefferson St. in Port Neches. You’ll also find a few other activities, like a poker tournament and other events, held at the hall.

At each game, customers who purchase three packs of cards receive one free single for the first half of double action games. On their fourth visit, they can participate in a cash prize raffle, with prizes varying depending on the number of people who visit the club throughout the month. To win, you must be in attendance to qualify. The Knights of Columbus is a nonprofit organization that reinvests all the profits it makes back into the community, and many of the biggest bingo supporters are senior citizens from nearby Catholic parishes.

The Knights of Columbus 595 Forest near Lynchburg is another location where you can play bingo. It’s located at 201 Sweeney Cir, Forest, VA 24551. It accepts credit cards and accepts cash and checks. The hall is available for rent at a cost of $65 per hour, and all proceeds support the council’s charitable endeavors. You can also buy tickets for the 10 Palm Sunday Buffet Breakfast at Columbus Hall on Palm Sunday morning at 8:30 am, or participate in a 4th degree meeting at 7:00 pm.