David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

Whenever we hear about David Luiz, we often think he is a well-known Flamengo football player. But now, on top of that, he also signed a brand ambassadorship with BC.GAME to promote internet casinos in Brazil. For your information, BC.GAME has never stopped looking for the ideal brand ambassador that can help grow and promote sports betting in the world. Hence they welcomed David Luiz with open arms.

Moreover, David Luiz will use his social media accounts and join necessary live streaming events on Twitch in order to assist in the promotion of casino sites, specifically BC.GAME in the country.

With David Luiz and BC GAME working together, it is anticipated that the visibility of online casinos will increase to new levels. Besides adhering to the necessary legal procedures, citizens of Brazil now have the opportunity to participate in sport-wagering events, make investments, and support their preferred teams, all while generating income.

In the end, David Luiz wants to be of assistance to his fellow players, colleagues, fans, and people who wager on sports by maintaining a good connection.

Why BC.GAME is Trustworthy

BC.GAME was only established last 2017, yet the accomplishments and achievements it displays are promising! The main focus of this crypto casino is the interest of the audience. But for an online casino to grow, it needs loyal clients and players that must not grow bored with games. Hence, BC.GAME formulated different events, features, and games where anyone can participate.

Also, for an online casino like BC.GAME to actually foster, it needs to compile licenses and authorizations as an assurance of legitimacy. So far, this casino is equipped with a constant CIL certification also known as Curacao Interactive Licensing. Aside from that, BC.GAME has also been authorized by Crypto Gambling Foundation itself, giving them a stronger standpoint in the industry.

Moreover, BC.GAME’s events are always ready to show receipts to ensure the legitimate distribution of prizes. During the Coco Carnival event, the website updated the list of winners, participants, as well as their places constantly. It may not seem much, but it actually helps to provide transparency, especially for raffles and prize pools.

Lastly, BC.GAME’s customer service is top notch that no one has ever complained about their features. They provide emails, telephone numbers, and other contact methods for clients’ inquiries and concerns. Visitors may also seek help and file complaints if they ever run into issues involving BC.GAME.

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